Oh, Love That Will Not Let Me Go

Client: Self-published
Materials: HD Video, Archival Inkjet Print
Role: Concept, shooting, directing, editing, photo
Dimensions: 14" x 18"
TRT: 5:00

As part of an ongoing series, two years ago I began approaching family members and asking them if they know a song that I might know also–something we can sing together. I think of it as an exercise in improvisation and trust, one that speaks to what we share and don’t, and to the dynamics of our relationship. When performing this exercise with my grandparents, I wanted to remove myself from the equation and allow them to sing with one another. The resulting songs, mostly religious, speak to my Grandpa’s 40 year career as a minister, and my grandparent’s complicated relationship with what was their faith. The video and photograph of the candle was made in response to this audio, and shown in proximity to one another in exhibition.

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